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What’s a breaker box? What do you need to look for in a residential electrician? What about a commercial electrician? Raceway Electric, LLC wants to be your source of information on everything electrical. From new technologies to products we love, and important topics, we will be writing blogs and providing you with the latest in the news.

Raceway Electric - Your Trusted Electrician in Wichita

Safe, Functional, and Quality Electrical Services – Your Trusted Electrician in Wichita

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Led by owner Jason Snell, the Raceway Electric team is renowned for its safe, functional, and quality electrical work for residential and commercial customers in the Wichita area.   Licensed,…
sparks fly from a power surge from a electrical pole problem

Whole Home Surge Protection

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Your House Electrical Shield Power surges in your house’s electrical can happen from a variety of causes. Raceway Electric can install whole home surge protection to keep your family, and…
Unplug energy vampires concept icon. Saving electricity.

To Unplug or Not to Unplug: Vacationing and Your Appliances

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Planning a vacation is all about anticipation—choosing the destination, booking flights, packing your bags, and making sure everything’s in place for a worry-free escape. But as you’re ticking off that…
Short-circuiting can cause arcing while the plug is being plugged in, the use of plugs or wires is not up to standard. Old appliances, damaged, not ready for use.

Avoid These Electrical Mistakes or Risk Destroying Your Appliances 

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As homeowners, we all love our gadgets and appliances—they make our lives easier and more enjoyable. But there’s a silent killer lurking in our homes that can wreak havoc on…
Ceiling fan in the winter can be reversed clockwise to push hot air down

Stay Cozy and Save Money: The Benefits of Ceiling Fans in the Fall and Winter

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Are you on the lookout for "electricians near me" who can help you harness the full potential of your home's electrical systems? Look no further than Raceway Electric! We're here…
An electrician checks the circuit breaker switches in a home

Tips from an Electrician: Understanding the Difference Between Circuit Breakers and GFCI

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While an electrician or electrical contractor knows the difference between these two types of safety systems, the average homeowner may not.  If you're a homeowner, it's essential to have a…
light switch wiring for new construction

The Importance of Proper Light Switch Wiring

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When it comes to the modern convenience of lighting up our homes, we often take light switches for granted. A simple flick of a switch can instantly illuminate a room,…
a thermometer reads 100 degrees against an orange sunny summer sky

Summer Energy-Saving Tips: Your Electrician’s Guide to Lowering Utility Bills 

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Welcome to the scorching days of summer! As temperatures rise, so does our energy use, resulting in higher utility bills. A licensed electrician such as team members at Raceway Electric…
breaker box repair should be done by professional electricians

Electricians Explain What is a Breaker Box?

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Every home and apartment has a breaker box installed. According to electricians, breaker boxes play an important role in the circuitry in your home, and in preventing fires.  What is…
holiday lights on a tree

Holiday Light Safety

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It’s time for the holidays and many people will put up Christmas trees in the days and week after Thanksgiving. Electrical fires are common this time of year but there…
a house sits on fall leaves

Energy Saving Tips for Fall

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Summer is just about over, and you may see some energy costs go down. However, there are energy saving tips for fall that will help you save money as we…
concept of a new build with wall frame that melts into the image of a complete kitchen

Electrical Options to Consider for New Construction or Remodeling

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If you are building a new home or remodeling your current home, there are many electrical options to consider. If you are building a new home, think through each space…
cash and a CFL bulb lay on top of an electric bill

Tips to Save Money on Your Electric Bill 

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The cost of everything has gone up significantly, including energy. Electricity is a necessity for homes, but there are ways that you can save energy. We have tips to save…
elelectrical grounding system

Why Grounded Electrical Systems are Important

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Most people have heard of grounded electrical systems but may not understand how they work or why they’re important. Grounding an electrical system protects the equipment and more importantly, the…
a small dog has a phone cord in its mouth

Protecting Pets from Electricity

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Electricity is as dangerous to animals as it is to humans. Pets, much like small children, must be taught and deterred from electrical dangers. In our latest blog, we look…
outdoor lighting is illuminating a patio in the backyard of a home

Outdoor Lighting Benefits & Options

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Now that the weather is getting warmer, your family may want to spend more time outdoors playing with the kids, grilling and eating meals, or just enjoying the peacefulness of…
a checklist with items checked off

Signs of Electrical Problems in Your Home

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As we get closer and closer to spring, it’s a great time to add checking your electrical to your spring cleaning/maintenance list. What are the signs of electrical problems in…
a plug looms near an outlet

Why Do Plugs Fall Out of Outlets?

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Have you ever been vacuuming and suddenly the power turns off? You turn around to see the plug has ever so slightly fallen out of the outlet. It’s frustrating and…
Close up of multi colored holiday lights

Holiday Lighting Safety Tips

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It’s the holiday season and as you start to add lights to your home—both indoors and out—it’s important to keep safety in mind. Electrical fires are the cause of half…
A close up of a circuit breaker box

Common Electrical Problems in Homes

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Common electrical problems in homes can cause safety hazards including fires so it's good for homeowners, or renters, to know what to look for and what to do if they…
an electrical outlet has char marks around it indicating sparks are occurring

Electrical Fire Causes

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October is National Fire Safety Month and electrical fire prevention is a key part of the work we do at Raceway Electric. According to the National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA),…
a power pole lies broken on the ground after a storm

Electrical Safety During Disasters

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The devastation Hurricane Ida inflicted on Louisiana and again on the east coast including New York and New Jersey included flooding and downed power lines. In fact, Louisiana and Mississippi…
Bathroom remodeled with white tile, cabinets and chandeliers

Bathroom Remodel Electrician

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When it comes to remodeling some of it can be DIY, however you need a licensed electrician to install or rewire your electricity. Raceway Electric has experience helping homeowners install…
Electrical tape and equipment lay on top of a blueprint of a home

Kansas Electrical Contractors

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Choosing Between Electricians and Electrical Contractors in Wichita, Kansas When it comes to needing electrical work done around your home or business, beyond the most basic work, you should always…
Jason Snell

Electricians in Wichita Kansas – Jason Snell

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Electricians in Wichita Kansas like Jason Snell and Raceway Electric are rare. Jason and the Raceway Electric team are a troubleshooting company and enjoy finding solutions to problems others have…
A man holds an electrical wire that has caused a fire as he calls an electrician

DIY Electrical – Why DIY Isn’t Always a Good Solution

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The popularity of do-it-yourself (DIY) television shows has helped homeowners save money on some kinds of home improvement. However, there is a difference between painting a room with an accent…
a whole house surge protector can keep your appliances safe from power surges

Power Surges

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Kansas will soon be entering more severe weather season and with that comes power surges and the possibility of many of your appliances and lighting fixtures being ruined. Raceway Electric…
Outdoor lighting can increase the curb appeal of your home

Increase Your Curb Appeal with Outdoor Lighting

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The housing market is booming right now, and although it's a seller's market, there are things you can do to increase the curb appeal of your home to set your…
Smoke floats up to a smoke detector on a ceiling.

Smoke Detector Safety

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Daylight Savings Time is a great reminder to check the batteries in your smoke detector at home and to evaluate your fire safety plan. In our blog, we examine why…
Electrical companies take steps to keep workers safe

Electrical Companies – Staying Safe

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Electrical companies like Raceway Electric are committed to safety as a top priority for our customers and our team members. We follow strict safety rules and regulations to make sure…
LED & CFL light bulbs

LED & CFL Light Bulbs

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LED & CFL light bulbs versus incandescent light bulbs—what's the difference? Incandescent light bulbs are the kind of light bulbs you grew up with. These light bulbs could be expected…
An overloaded extension cords with multiple devices plugged in is a winter electrical hazard

Winter Electrical Hazards

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Winter is a time in which house fires are more common. Often these fires are caused by electrical malfunctions that could be fixed by a licensed electrician. There are steps…
National Fire Prevention Awareness Month logo

National Fire Prevention Month

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October is National Fire Prevention Month and as the weather cools down, fire danger in homes goes up. Raceway Electric encourages you to take this month to practice your family's…
Raceway electrical conduit

What is a Raceway?

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Hey friends! It’s Eddy Current here. A question we get asked a lot is what does “Raceway” mean in our name, Raceway Electric? We’re glad you asked! It has nothing…
LED lighting in a kitchen

Anti-Microbial Lighting for the Home

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Hi everybody, It’s Eddy with a bright, clean idea for you. We’re starting up a few of these articles to tell you about some of the innovations in electrical engineering…
Wall switch plate is smoking

Do You Need a Licensed Electrician?

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If you’ve been spending more time at home lately, you might have noticed some things around your home that need repair. Electrical fires are common and cause approximately 35,000 fires…
Luxurious hot tub requires professional hot tub wiring

Hot Tub Wiring Done Right

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This is the time of year when people start looking toward the summer and planning for fun—including hot tub installation. Raceway Electric, LLC is the hot tub wiring electrician in…
Electrician snipping wires from an electric circuit board safely

How to Find a Certified Electrician Near Me

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When it comes to breaker boxes, electrical wiring, lighting fixtures, and all things electrical, many people will search for “certified electrician near me”—and for good reason. Any electrician who you…
Electric car fueling up with safe electrical hook ups

The Benefits of Electric Vehicles

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More and more, electric vehicles are showing up in your neighborhood, on the street, and on car lots. The charging stations are also everywhere. Energy and fuel efficiency, going green,…