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Avoid These Electrical Mistakes or Risk Destroying Your Appliances 

By November 29, 2023Blog
Short-circuiting can cause arcing while the plug is being plugged in, the use of plugs or wires is not up to standard. Old appliances, damaged, not ready for use.

As homeowners, we all love our gadgets and appliances—they make our lives easier and more enjoyable. But there’s a silent killer lurking in our homes that can wreak havoc on these beloved devices—electrical mishaps. While outlets and switches might seem harmless, make the wrong move, and you could be saying goodbye to your favorite electronics. Electrical companies such as Raceway Electric can help you avoid costly and unsafe mistakes.

Signs Your Appliances are Overloaded 

At Raceway Electric, we’ve seen it all, and we’re here to help you steer clear of common electrical mistakes that can turn your appliances into expensive paperweights. Watch for these signs and if you notice them, take action. 

Ignoring Overloading Warnings 

We’ve all been there—plugging in too many devices into a single outlet using extension cords or power strips. It’s tempting, but it’s a recipe for disaster. Electrical outlets have a limit, and overloading them can cause overheating, leading to damage to both your appliances and your home’s electrical system. Invest in extra outlets or seek professional help from electrical companies to ensure you have enough power sources for your needs. Don’t be like Clark Griswold this holiday season and overload your outlets and extension cords! 

Skipping Surge Protectors 

Power surges are sneaky. They can happen due to lightning strikes, utility company issues, or even turning on high-powered devices like air conditioners or heat pumps. Plugging your expensive appliances directly into the wall leaves them vulnerable to these surges. That’s where surge protectors come to the rescue. These handy devices act as a shield, diverting excess voltage away from your electronics, saving them from certain doom. Remember to never plug space heaters into an external surge protector or power strip, have your trusted electrical company like Raceway install in-outlet surge protectors throughout your home.  

DIY Gone Wrong 

While a quick fix might seem easy enough from a YouTube tutorial, electrical work isn’t something to take lightly. Amateur mistakes like improper wiring, faulty connections, or incorrect installations can not only damage your appliances but pose serious safety hazards. Always leave electrical jobs to the pros from reputable electrical companies. It might save you a lot of hassle and money in the long run. 

Neglecting Maintenance 

Your appliances need some TLC too! Dust and debris can accumulate inside them, causing overheating and reduced efficiency. Regularly cleaning and inspecting your appliances can prevent potential electrical problems and prolong their lifespan. 

Using Incorrect Wattage 

Ever grabbed a bulb without checking its wattage rating? Mismatched wattage can lead to overheating, shortening the lifespan of your light fixtures or even causing electrical fires. Always use bulbs and appliances that match the recommended wattage outlined by the manufacturer. 

 Ignoring Warning Signs 

Appliances aren’t shy when they’re struggling. Buzzing sounds, flickering lights, or unusual smells are red flags. Don’t brush them off! These signs often indicate an underlying electrical issue that, if ignored, can lead to appliance failure or, worse, an electrical fire. 

 Improper Storage of Appliances 

Where you store your appliances matters. Keeping them in damp or excessively hot areas like the basement or near radiators can cause electrical components to corrode or overheat, damaging the appliances. Find a cool, dry spot with good ventilation to extend their lifespan. 

Remember, preventing these mistakes doesn’t just protect your appliances; it also keeps you and your family safe from potential electrical hazards. 

 Raceway Electric Has Your Back 

When it comes to electrical work, don’t hesitate to reach out to professional electrical companies like Raceway Electric. Our experienced technicians can conduct thorough inspections, offer advice on proper appliance usage, and ensure your electrical system is in top-notch condition. 

Taking care of your appliances isn’t just about convenience; it’s an investment in their longevity and your safety. So, keep these tips in mind, and you’ll save yourself from a world of appliance-related headaches! At Raceway Electric, we’ve got your back for all things electrical. 

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