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Bathroom Remodel Electrician

By August 16, 2021May 15th, 2023Blog
Bathroom remodeled with white tile, cabinets and chandeliers

When it comes to remodeling some of it can be DIY, however you need a licensed electrician to install or rewire your electricity. Raceway Electric has experience helping homeowners install electricity for new bathrooms including outlets, lighting, microbial lighting, heated floors, and more. In the paragraphs below, we give you several reasons why you should have an electrician handle electrical work.

Identifying Existing Circuits

An electrician can help identify existing circuits and make sure that your new lighting fixtures or devices won’t be too much for existing circuits to handle. It’s a terrible thing when you wake up early to get ready for work and your electric shaver or blow dryer trip the breaker box.

Installing Necessary Junction and Switch Boxes

Often, bathroom remodels will require additional junction boxes to be installed to accommodate any layout changes, including changes to switches and outlets. These boxes need to be accessible and ensure that there is enough room for electrical wiring. Additionally, it’s incredibly important that all wiring in the bathroom be grounded. The bathroom is a more humid and wet environment than other rooms in your home, so properly grounded GFCI outlets ensure you can safely plug in your devices.

Ensures Your Wiring is Up to Code

Before you start your bathroom remodel, you should get a permit from the county in which you live. You will need to have an inspection before your project is complete, making hiring a licensed, insured electrician much more important. In Sedgwick County, permits can be obtained through the Metropolitan Area Building and Construction Department (MABCD). Once you receive your permit, licensed professionals must be used to complete the work.

A Licensed Electrician is the Wise Choice

By hiring electricians such as Raceway Electric, you can be sure that the electrical work for your bathroom remodel will be done the right way. Our team will identify existing circuits, install necessary junction and switch boxes, and ensure your electrical work is up to code. Hiring a professional for your bathroom remodel will save you time and money in the long run. Contact us today for a quote!