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Electricians Explain What is a Breaker Box?

By December 19, 2022Blog
breaker box repair should be done by professional electricians

Every home and apartment has a breaker box installed. According to electricians, breaker boxes play an important role in the circuitry in your home, and in preventing fires. 

What is a Breaker Box? 

 A breaker box is also called a circuit breaker panel, or fuse box panel. This panel is the main distribution point of the electrical circuits in your home. These panels are usually a gray box with a door, called a dead front cover, that is closed over the individual circuit breakers that control power to areas of your home.  

The service entry wires on a breaker box feed into two main terminals called lugs that are at the top or bottom of the breaker box. The circuit breaker panels are organized into two vertical rows. The breakers in these two rows control individual areas of power in your home.  

Reasons Circuit Breakers are Tripped 

When there is a power surge, excess current, or a faulty part, the circuit breaker will trip, cutting power to that part of the home. This simple, and effective reaction prevents house fires. 

  • Circuit breakers can trip when there is an electrical problem occurring. Issues that could trip the breaker can include a circuit overload. This happens when an appliance or device is using more amps than necessary. 
  • A short circuit can also trip a breaker. This could be caused by loose connections or faulty wiring.  
  • A ground fault short is another reason the breaker could trip. This happens when a hot wire touches a ground wire.  
  • A defective circuit breaker can also be the cause of continual issues. A bad breaker could create a burning smell and can lead to the inability to reset the breaker.  
  • Finally, an arc fault can trip the breaker. This is when a loose or corroded wire creates an arc or spark. If you hear a light buzzing or hissing sound, this could be the issue. 

 Contact Raceway Electric right away with any of these issues as they can be dangerous. These types of issues are not safe enough to do it yourself and require the expertise of professional, licensed electricians.