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Energy Saving Tips for Fall

By September 12, 2022Blog
a house sits on fall leaves

Summer is just about over, and you may see some energy costs go down. However, there are energy saving tips for fall that will help you save money as we slip further into the cooler months.   

Top Six Energy Saving Tips for Fall 

In the winter of 2021, a cold snap combined with higher natural gas prices increased the average heating bill to $800 for Kansans. As the weather cools down it’s important to ensure that your home doesn’t have any drafts or leaks. A drafty house will create high energy bills for you when the weather gets colder. Repair windows and doors that allow drafts in. Caulking around cracks, gaps, and leaks can also help keep the heat in and the cold out.  

Check the insulation in your attic. Do you need to add more? A properly insulated home can save 15% on heating and cooling costs—which add up quickly.  

Turn your ceiling fans clockwise to push the warm air down in your home.  

 Consider installing a programmable thermostat to regulate the temperature. Every degree of extra heating or cooling will increase your energy bill 6-8%. You may consider keeping your home slightly cooler in the winter and wearing warmer clothes and socks.  

In the fall and winter, open your shades and allow in the natural light which will help keep your rooms warmer. 

If you haven’t changed your light bulbs to LED now is the time to do it. LED lights last 35,000-50,000 hours depending on use. Timers for your lights are a great investment in energy savings. 

Need Assistance? 

Raceway Electric’s licensed and insured electricians can help you improve your home and make it more energy efficient. Our team can install ceiling fans, install, or change light fixtures, and much more. Contact us to get on our schedule.