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Holiday Light Safety

By November 23, 2022August 17th, 2023Blog
holiday lights on a tree

It’s time for the holidays and many people will put up Christmas trees in the days and week after Thanksgiving. Electrical fires are common this time of year but there are some steps you can take to keep your family safe. Wichita electric contractors such as Raceway Electric can help ensure your outlets are ready for the season.  

Tips for Holiday Light Safety  

Don’t dampen the holidays with a preventable accident. Follow these tips to stay safe this holiday season. 

Make sure you are using the correct lights. If you are hanging lights outdoors, make sure they are labeled for outdoor use. If indoor lights are used outside, they won’t be properly sealed against moisture which will cause them to stop working. There can also be deterioration of internal components that can become an electrocution hazard. Use a GFCI outlet if you are plugging in lights outdoors. 

Fix broken lights. If you have bulbs that are broken, carefully replace them. If you have string lights with lights that don’t work or that are missing, replace those bulbs as well. Check for frayed wires, or broken sockets and replace those entirely as they are a fire hazard.  

Extension Cord Safety 

  • Make sure they are rated to be able to handle the circuit load you are plugging into it 
  • Make sure your extension cord is labeled for outdoor use if you are using outside 
  • Keep plugs off the ground to prevent moisture and elevate your lights rather than having them sit directly on the ground 
  • Indoor lights, don’t run extension cords under rugs as this can be a trip hazard 
  • Don’t run extension cords through doors and windows which can pinch the cords and ruin the insulation. 

According to the Electrical Safety Foundation International, you should never connect more than three strings of incandescent lights together at a time. LED lights use less energy and don’t create as much heat which makes them safer for use on Christmas trees.  

 Finally, look up before you hoist up a ladder to make sure that you aren’t going to connect with any wires overhead.  

 Outdoor Outlet Help 

If you need help repairing outdoor outlets or making sure they are GFCI, contact Raceway Electric, your Wichita electric solution. We’d love to help make your holiday season happier and safer!