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How to Find a Certified Electrician Near Me

By February 18, 2020May 15th, 2023Blog
Electrician snipping wires from an electric circuit board safely

When it comes to breaker boxes, electrical wiring, lighting fixtures, and all things electrical, many people will search for “certified electrician near me”—and for good reason. Any electrician who you use for any residential or commercial project should meet a set of standards for professionalism and safety.

5 Things to Look for in a Certified Electrician

1. Do they have a license and are they insured? This should be the minimum standard you look for in a certified electrician. Licensed electricians in Kansas are required to have a minimum number of hours working under the supervision of a licensed electrician and classroom education. Different cities may have different licensing categories for electricians, but all licensed electricians will have undergone the required training. Certified electricians should also be insured, for their—and your—protection.

2. Ask for a recommendation from family and friends. Who have they worked with and what did they like, or not like, about that experience.

3. Read reviews. Take time to read reviews for any electrician you are considering hiring. Often these reviews will highlight patterns of either excellence or poor performance and customer service. Take note of how these reviews are responded to by the electrician. Are responses (especially to a negative review) professional?

4. Ask for references. When you narrow the field down, ask for a reference from a previous client. It never hurts to hear from people who have worked with the person you are considering.

5. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. According to Home Advisor, these questions can include, rates, warranties, service call hours, etc. Professionals should be prepared to answer these questions and help you better understand how they operate which helps set expectations for both them and you.

When you have a home or commercial repair, or new wiring, safety is the top concern. Electrical fires are dangerous and can be prevented with proper training and education. The service professional you choose for your project should be properly licensed, insured, have great reviews and recommendations, and should be open and honest about rates, and how they operate.

When it comes to your internet search for “Certified Electrician Near Me” we know you will have many options available. Raceway Electric is licensed, insured, and is always mindful of safety, functionality, and quality. We would love to work with you on your residential or commercial electrical project. You can contact us through our website or call us at 316-573-2100.