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Power Surges

By May 10, 2021May 15th, 2023Blog
a whole house surge protector can keep your appliances safe from power surges

Kansas will soon be entering more severe weather season and with that comes power surges and the possibility of many of your appliances and lighting fixtures being ruined. Raceway Electric can help your home stay safe with whole house surge protection.

What are Power Surges?

Simply defined, a power surge happens when the flow of electricity is interrupted and then starts again, or if something like lightning sends electricity back into the system. There are two types of power surges—internal and external.

Internal power surges are the most common and come from inside your home and happen when devices start up, or turn off and divert electricity from one appliance to another. Faulty outlets or wiring can also cause these power surges.

External power surges are caused by situations such as a lightning strike, a transformer blowing, or trees touching the power lines.

What Does a Power Surge Do?

Both of these types of power surges—internal and external—can cause damage to your home. As electricity flows back into appliances or electronics, it can damage the microprocessors in those items and cause them to fail. Replacing multiple items such as computers, televisions, refrigerators, etc. can be expensive and stress-inducing.

How Can I Prevent Power Surges?

The best defense against power surges is taking preventative steps such as adding a whole house surge protector. Since most electrical surges occur internally, they can damage your circuits over time. A whole house surge protection system will help safeguard every outlet and will layer protection for shared circuits.

You can also protect your electronics and appliances by unplugging anything that isn’t necessary, especially during an electrical storm. Many homeowners have had the experience of replacing expensive computers and televisions after a power surge.

Why Invest in Whole House Surge Protection?

The best reason to contact Raceway Electric about whole house surge protection is to safeguard your home and prevent the need to replace pricey appliances. Keep in mind that most standard homeowner insurance policies don’t cover power surges—meaning you are on the hook for the whole cost of replacing damaged items.

Raceway Electric can install a whole house surge protector in your home or office. Contact us today to learn more.