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Signs of Electrical Problems in Your Home

By March 14, 2022October 17th, 2023Blog
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As we get closer and closer to spring, it’s a great time to add checking your electrical to your spring cleaning/maintenance list. What are the signs of electrical problems in your home? We examine some top issues to watch for that could indicate major issues with your home’s electrical.

Top Signs of Electrical Problems in Your Home

Many homeowners review a checklist of seasonal home maintenance chores and these lists should include checking in on your electrical system. Here are some of the top signs to watch to determine if you need a licensed electrician.

Hot Outlets – Hot outlets are always a cause for immediate concern. When an outlet is hot to the touch, immediately unplug any cords and contact an electrician. While appliances generate some heat and outlets can be warm, they shouldn’t be hot.

Rodent Activity – If you notice rodent activity near your wiring (particularly around wiring). If you notice mouse or rat droppings or nesting near your wiring, check for gnawed wires. If you see any damaged wiring, contact Raceway Electric to help determine the extent of the damage and repair and replace damaged wiring.

Flickering Lights – Flickering lights can indicate that there is a loose connection. Often flickering is in just one light. However, the issue can span over multiple rooms or the entire home. Larger-scaled flickering may mean there is an issue with your circuit breaker box.

Aluminum Wiring – If your home was built in the ’60s or ’70s, there is a likelihood that it has aluminum wiring. Unfortunately, aluminum wiring oxidizes faster than copper and can lead to house fires. It’s a good time for older homes to be inspected by a licensed electrician to determine if there could be an issue.

Loose Outlets – In a previous blog, we reviewed the dangers of loose outlets which can cause arcing and fires. If you have loose outlets in which plugs just won’t stay plugged in, contact us to see about replacements.

Be sure to review these potential issues as you cross off your spring maintenance checklist in the coming months. If you have any of these issues, we’d love to help! You can contact us through our website, or call 316-573-2100.