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Tips to Save Money on Your Electric Bill 

By July 12, 2022May 15th, 2023Blog
cash and a CFL bulb lay on top of an electric bill

The cost of everything has gone up significantly, including energy. Electricity is a necessity for homes, but there are ways that you can save energy. We have tips to save money on your electric bill this summer and year-round.

Energy Saving Tips

One of the quickest and easiest changes to make is to switch your lightbulbs from incandescent or CFL to LED. LED bulbs use about 75% less energy than other types of bulbs. In part, this is because they don’t heat up like other bulbs. Motion detection in rooms is another good money saver in case you accidentally leave a light on. 

A smart thermostat will also save money over time. Program your thermostat 7-10 degrees from its normal setting when you aren’t home. This can save you as much as 10% per year according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Your thermostat can be programmed to slowly return to your ideal temperature before you return home. 

Running your dishwasher on a clean-only cycle saves more money on energy and water than handwashing. However, skip the heat-dry cycle which uses heat and takes more energy. If you have an air-dry option use that instead. 

Ceiling fans are a great way to keep you cool, even with your thermostat set at a higher temperature in summer. Ceiling fans can make a room feel up to 10 degrees cooler and only uses a fraction of the energy of an air conditioner. 

Attic fans push the hot air out of your attic and replace it with cooler air from outside. This can help cool down your home because the hot air in your attic can keep your home warmer. Attic fans are best used when the temperature is almost warm enough for the air conditioner, but not quite. 

For appliances or electronics, you don’t use often, unplug them or use a power strip to turn them completely off when not in use, this is called the “phantom load,” or “vampire energy,” because while plugged in the device is still using some energy or electricity, typically unbeknownst to the homeowner. Unplugging unused electronics and appliances can save 10% or more on your bill. 

Appliances such as a washer and dryer use more energy. Wash clothes on cold to save on electricity and make sure your dryer is lint-free and cleaned regularly. Dryers that are plugged up with lint in the vent cause your machine to work harder and are a major fire hazard. 

Contact Raceway Electric 

If you need assistance installing any devices like a smart thermostat or ceiling fan to help you save on your electric bill, contact Raceway Electric to help.