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Why Do Plugs Fall Out of Outlets?

By February 8, 2022October 17th, 2023Blog
a plug looms near an outlet

Have you ever been vacuuming and suddenly the power turns off? You turn around to see the plug has ever so slightly fallen out of the outlet. It’s frustrating and can actually be dangerous. So why do plugs fall out of outlets? We will explain why this happens and what it means for your home.

Why Do Plugs Fall Out of Outlets?

There are two reasons a plug will fall out of an outlet. First, it could be the plug itself. Sometimes the prongs on plugs can bend or become distorted which can cause them to fall out of the outlets. If this is the case, replace the plug. For many devices, such as a phone charger, it’s easy to replace the charging cords. For other appliances such as a vacuum cleaner, it would be safer to have the plug repaired by a professional.

If you’ve determined, it’s not the plug at fault, you can assume that the outlet itself is the problem. When the connectors in outlets are too worn, they lose their grip on plugs resulting in plugs that fall out easily.

Are Loose Outlets a Danger?

Simply put, yes. A loose outlet can cause electrical arcing which can result in a house fire. An estimated 51,000 house fires per year are caused by electrical issues, including electrical arcing. Arcing happens when electricity jumps from one connection to another. This creates intense heat (up to 35,000 degrees) and is a serious fire hazard. In addition to a loose outlet, if you hear an outlet or light switch buzzing, contact an electrician right away as that is an indication of electrical arcing.

Can I Replace a Loose Outlet?

While some electrical projects are okay to DIY, replacing an outlet can be tricky. It’s recommended to hire a professional electrician who can determine exactly what the issue may be.  If you have an outlet that plugs continue to fall out of, it’s best to stop using that outlet and contact a licensed electrician such as Raceway Electric.  Any type of electrical work can be dangerous so a licensed professional is your best bet for safety and to prevent any further damage.

Contact Raceway Electric for any of your residential electrical needs and we will ensure the job is done safely and correctly.