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Protecting Pets from Electricity

By May 9, 2022Blog
a small dog has a phone cord in its mouth

Electricity is as dangerous to animals as it is to humans. Pets, much like small children, must be taught and deterred from electrical dangers. In our latest blog, we look at protecting pets from electricity.

Tips for Protecting Pets from Electricity

  • Many dogs and cats love to chew and wires, cords and cables can be tempting for a curious or anxious pet. Be sure you block access to cords with furniture to limit access to electrical wiring.
  • You should keep wires and cords off the floor or dangling in the line of sight of your pet. You can twist tie them together and can run cords behind desks, or keep them organized with a cord corral. Organized cords also prevent the danger of pets getting tangled up and hurting themselves.
  • Deterrent sprays, some of which taste like bitter apples can keep your pet from chewing when they put anything they shouldn’t chew on (like cords) in their mouths.
  • You can also wrap cords inside flexible safety cables or in PVC pipes if necessary. You can find these products on animal specialty websites like or on Amazon.
  • Anxious pets may also benefit from having chew toys on hand with easy access. Licking pads in which you can add a small amount of peanut butter or other treat is another way to keep pets focused on something other than electrical cords.
  • Some dog breeds are bigger chewers than others. Be sure to research the kind of activities that are most beneficial to your dog to keep them from being bored and destructive.
  • Make sure your plugs are inserted completely into the electrical socket. Sometimes a curious pet will lick at a partially plugged-in cord and that can lead to shock.
  • Keep novelties like Christmas lights, fairy lights, and wax warmers away from pets as well, and unplug them before leaving the home. These types of electrical products can be especially enticing for a pet.

Raceway Electric is here for all your electric needs and we want to keep you, your family, and your pets safe during every season.